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Breathe * Love * Laugh







Smile   *  Forgive  *  Be

Most of us say we want change.  Many of us will say, "I'll do anything to change my life!" 

Yet this intention is often short lived, the discomfort of life being Different, can be seem agonizing, frightening, so overwhelming, that it blocks our ability to stay true to ourselves,
Yet true to ourselves we must Be!

I say, "Your capacity is much greater than you know."  A naturally occurring desire calls to our Greater Self to grow and move into what is wanting to Be.

It is our misbelief, our utter terror sometimes, generally, the early chidhood trauma, that clouds our perceptions of what is and causes resistance.

Love, Peace, Joy, Health and Wholeness is what we are here for,
Do you want this?
It is okay to give yourself permission to have it.

Cia practices as an intuitive and hypnotherapist to assist in deep healing and transformation.  In a nurturing and compassionate environment she incorporates an array of tools and approaches to support the client. She uses hypnotherapy to develop a sense of peace and calm; to help gain clarity and create a spaciousness for change to occur more easily.  Hypnosis is a natural state which is highly effective and safe.






"How can you love if you are not there?"
Thich Nhat Hanh

True love comes through deep understanding and compassion for the other.  You can only receive love to the degree that you can love yourself.

Working with sypmtoms of:
Addiction- Alcohol, Food, Drugs, Sex, Smoking, etc.
Transition and more.

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Greetings ! Welcome to my website,I hope it will be of assistance to you.
Ready for more happiness in your life?

What are your desires?
Tired of waiting?

You are more capable than you might imagine,
I can assist in letting go of the obstacles and fears!

There is so much information on what to do, and not enough emphasis on the experience of Being.  It is beyond the how, it is in the stillness that you will find yourself.  


Peace and Joy ♥ Great love and Magnificence
Calm and Spaciousness,
is where you dwell,
                     IS WHAT YOU ARE ♥

Getting back to this truth is the journey,
Great news,
we do not have to travel beyond our own front door!

The experience:

We were all born into this world perfect and precious, unfortunately for many of us, this reality did not remain our experience for long.
Our parents or caregivers, not having yet healed themselves, or other uncontrollable circumstances, impact our perceptions and interpretations of ourselves and the world around us.

If your early experience included trauma, chaos, abuse and neglect, you will most likely come to expect it , therefore attract it, this cannot be avoided; it was not your fault.  

The self interpretation leads to:

I am Not love
I am Not worthy
I am Not whole
and tremendous fears develop.


Fear, Anger/Rage, Pain, Abandonment, Rejection

anxiety, depression,  loneliness and disconnect result in lack of faith and trust. pain, sadness, anger. motivation/inspiration, even physical body pain, allergies and asthma, eye sight, heart disease and more.

Faith and Trust

We cannot simulltaneously hold faith and trust along with the above terrorizing energies.  The good news is that we can release them and heal!

We can transform the experience

Practice, practice, practice!

Learning to live in the present moment, coming back to the true whole self, the sacred well of light and love within; is always awaiting our return.  ∞

What does this mean, how do I do it?
Slowing down, taking a walk, noticing nature, being quiet.

I love trance work/hypnosis, it allows the experience of calm, peace and joy right away.  This helps the self align with the truth of who you are!
For many of us this is easier said than done.  Our egoes have ready a pletheora of reasons and excues for not being able to slow down. It requires a desire and recognition of taking good care of ourselves, of being loving to ourselves.  I have heard that the Chinese symbol for bussiness is Heart Killing, (more on this later).

                                           ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
The greatest gift you will ever receive is to love and accept yourself just as you are.
The truth is that you already have all that you need and you are connected to everyone, all that is, You are never alone!
I can assist in you arriving at this place of self-love, greatness and freedom. 

You can Choose To Be Happy Now, yes you can!

Stressed out,
Feeling stuck,
Have a vision you just can't seem to make happen,
Sick and Tired of being sick and tired?

I invite you to begin today.

Cia A Robles BS, CHT 
Dedicated to your health and happiness.

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