You Are Enough!                                                                                                           
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Choose To Be Happy Now
Cia A Robles BS, CHT  Intuitive * Tranformational Counselor * Hypnotherapist

Breathe * Love * Laugh







Smile   *  Forgive  *  Be

Cia says, "Your capacity is much greater than you know." A naturally occurring desire calls to our Greater Self to grow and move into what is wanting to Be.

It is our misbelief, generally, the early chidhood trauma, that clouds our perceptions of what is and causes suffering.
The Ego, desperate for survival, causes much conflict and confusion.  You don't have to live this way!

Love, Peace, Joy, Health and Wholeness is what we are here for,
Do you want this?
Can you allow yourself permission ?

Cia practices as an intuitive and hypnotherapist to assist in deep healing and transformation. In a nurturing and compassionate environment she incorporates an array of tools and approaches to support the client. She uses hypnotherapy to develop a sense of peace and calm; to help gain clarity and create a spaciousness for change to occur more easily. Hypnosis is a natural state which is highly effective and safe.

Goddess On A Mission

You have the Choice:
To Love Your Self,

Choose Happiness & Be Magnificent

 Please enjoy this Stress Reduction and Relaxation video.

The Offer 

Explore, Identify and Deeply Understand the underlying energy that is getting in your way.  Gain clarity and strength through shifting your conscious awareness and transforming the old energy. Become strong and solid like a magnificent mountain!

Step into the Queen-King position of your life.

You will come away with an exercise and tools to make changes and take charge of your life Now. 

45 minute session ($185.00 value)
limited number available

Please call to set up your appointment time
Cia 510-853-5323
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The Light Choice
You get to make your own choices, you do not have to live according to someone elses wants or expectations.  Letting go of the old brings lightness and freedom, it might feel scary but it is worth it. Discover, deeply understand and release the inner conflict, it's exhausting! Choose something new today, let yourself be spontaneous, have some fun!
Wear your Crown
Be in your body, own yourself in all of it's imperfection.
You get to be in charge of your life and feel good!
This means growing and expanding, being creative; without growth and change we stagnate, it's not pretty!
Change is the natural order of things, Peace, Calm, Love, Joy and freedom await you!  
in Peace,